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VPN is dead, long live mobile VPN!

When someone starts to talk about Virtual Private Networks (VPN), you immediately find an excuse to leave the room. Sure, traditional VPN maybe, when no one cared about today's mobile workforce, but today VPN has had a makeover and what emerged is a smarter, more secure connectivity with your laptop, PDA and smartphone. Mobile VPN gives enterprises the security to know their information is protected when employees are mobile and employees get seamless roaming, always connected transparency.


According to a study by IDC, mobile workers will  increase from 758.6 million in 2006 to more than 1 billion  by year-end 2011. That is a lot of workers out and about creating an increased concern of security from the enterprise.  SafeMove offers a user experience with genuine "zero-click  connectivity" while not compromising security. Mobile workers are able  to take advantage of the best available wired or wireless networks  without manual intervention.


So what is the point of this post in the Nest? To let you know, we are going to showcase the dozens of ways our customers have used mobile VPN to increase the productivity of their workforce, protect data and save a little money along they way. Stay tuned.

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