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New Products Set to Debut This Month

CommunicAsia 2011 in Singapore is approaching fast! We are looking forward to the show for a number of reasons, but we are especially excited about our new product debuts - EasySmart and EasyHelp.First, we are launching EasySmart to help mobile broadband providers give Android customers a smoother and easier experience. It's the first advanced cost control and client service app for Android.EasySmart for Android helps mobile broadband providers with seamless and complete data off-load to WiFi networks for an advanced "always connected" experience, while easing the traffic data burden.



At CommunicAsia, we will also debut EasyHelp, which minimizes operator support costs by reducing the high volume of low complexity service calls from less technically savvy users.


Here's how EasyHelp works: As eighty percent of support calls involve problem diagnosis, EasyHelp automatically limits the number of these expensive inbound calls through self-repair. It then reduces the average call handling time for the remaining calls with structured diagnostic data and dynamic support information.


Two great product debuts coming at the end of this month at CommunicAsia 2011. We can't wait!


To see these new Birdstep products in action at CommunicAsia, contact Marie-Louise Nilsson at +46 70 232 5998 or send an email to to reserve a meeting.

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