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Work Is Not A Destination

The nature of work has undeniably changed. More than the nature, many concepts of work have changed as well. “Work” used to be the place to which you went when you left your house in the morning, a place which you left behind when you clocked out. It is now a goal, a process, an activity independent of physical location. “Work” is what you do, not where you go.


All across the industrial world, evidence of this change in the perception of work is evident and this change is driven by both employers and employees. Organizations are expecting more from their employees vis-à-vis their availability from home and on the road, and employees are expecting greater flexibility in their work environment. As with any changing culture, the dialogue is equal parts excitement directed toward the possibilities for the future and fear over what may be lost in the transition. While there are still concerns about this changing work culture, we believe it is clear there is much more good than harm in way work is headed.


Some organizations feel the need to watch after their employees, afraid that working remotely makes them lazy and decreased productivity. However, that perception has proven inaccurate. In fact, the opposite is true! Working remotely has been shown to increase productivity, cutting down on many of the distractions and lost time of the commute and the office.


That lost commute and gained time has some larger effects, beyond worker productivity and general wellbeing that should not be ignored. Specifically, encouraging a mobile workforce actually helps the environment! A mobile workforce lessens an organization’s carbon footprint.  Take a look at the National Land Survey case here to read more details.


Whether on the road, at home or from an office, work has become something people do, and not somewhere people go, and the rising volume of the mobile workforce proves it. Birdstep can help organize, connect and secure a mobile workforce, helping organizations stay ahead of the game and increase productivity, all while looking out for the wellbeing of our planet. Isn’t it time to get mobile?



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